Board of Directors:

President EurGeol. Catherine Buckley, P.Geo
Vice-President EurGeol EurGeol. Henning Moe, P.Geo
Secretary  EurGeol. Claire Clifford, P.Geo
Treasurer    EurGeol. Cian O’Hora, P.Geo.
Non-executive Members
Mairead Glennon PGeo
EurGeol Ed Slowey PGeo
EurGeol Eoin Wyse PGeo
EurGeol Dave Blaney PGeo
EurGeol Bill Sheppard PGeo
EurGeol Jon Hunt PGeo
Observers EurGeol Helmut Krahn PGeo (GAI)
EurGeol Gerry Stanley PGeo (IAEG)
– to be filled – (IAH)
– to be filled – (IEI – Geotech)
Dr. Piers Gardiner PGeo (IMQS)

Standing Committee Membership

Ballot Committee

Must be set up at least six weeks before AGM if more than one nomination received for any Board position open for election.
Must consist of three Professional Members.

Ethics Committee

Must consist of at least three Professional Members.
No members of the committee may be serving Directors.
No members of the committee may serve at the same time on the Disciplinary Committee.

EurGeol Dr Jonathan Derham PGeo (Chair)
EurGeol Dr. John Ashton PGeo
EurGeol Dr. Matthew Parkes PGeo
CPD Audit Committee
EurGeol Gerry Stanley PGeo
EurGeol Deirdre Lewis PGeo
EurGeol Catherine Buckley PGeo
EurGeol Teri Hayes PGeo
EurGeol Gareth Ll Jones PGeo
EurGeol Donal Daly PGeo
EurGeol John Pyne PGeo
Disciplinary Committee

Must consist of at least three Professional Members.
No members of the committee may be serving Directors.
No members of the committee may serve at the same time on the Ethics Committee.

EurGeol John Arthurs PGeo
EurGeol Eibhlin Doyle PGeo
Nominating Committee

Must be appointed at least three months before the AGM.
Must consist of immediate Past President (President initially) plus two Professional Members who are not members of the Board.

Professional Development Committee
Validation Committee

Must consist of at least three Professional Members.
Only the Chair may be a serving Director.
Other professional members may be requested to serve by the Chairman.

EurGeol Mark Conroy PGeo (Chair)
EurGeol David Blaney PGeo
EurGeol John Colthurst PGeo
EurGeol Margaret Keegan PGeo
EurGeol John Kelly PGeo
EurGeol Robert Meehan PGeo

Representatives on Other Bodies:

European Federation for Geology EurGeol Fionnuala Collins PGeo
EurGeol Piers Gardiner PGeo
EFG CPD Working Group EurGeol Dr. Julian Menuge PGeo
EFG Disciplinary Committee EurGeol Christian Schaffalitzky PGeo
EFG International Licensed Body EurGeol Dr. Jonathan Derham PGeo
 EFG Geo-employment survey Working Group EurGeol Dr Robbie Meehan PGeo
GSI Consultative Committee EurGeol Fionnuala Collins PGeo
GSI National Landslide Working Group EurGeol Nick O’Neill PGeo

Board Responsibilities:

Continuing Professional Development
Drilling Guidelines
European Federation of Geologists
Public Affairs
Strategy Relations

Other Members Involved in Working Groups:

EurGeo Becci Cantrell PGeo Drilling Guidelines
EurGeol Kevin Cullen PGeo Conference/Drilling Guidelines
EurGeol Mark Holdstock PGeo Drilling Guidelines
EurGeol Margaret Keegan PGeo Drilling Guidelines
EurGeol Robert Meehan PGeo Employment and Industry Survey
EurGeol Sean Moran PGeo Drilling Guidelines
EurGeol Dr. Pat O’Connor PGeo Conference
EurGeol Shane O’Neill PGeo Drilling Guidelines
EurGeol Dr Ronnie Creighton PGeo Conference
EurGeol John Pyne PGeo Drilling Guidelines
EurGeol Eugene Daly PGeo Drilling Guidelines

Secretarial Assistant:

  • Mrs. Susan Pyne

Non-Members Involved on Working Groups:

David Ball Drilling Guidelines
John Barnett Professional Qualifications
Padraig Briody Drilling Guidelines
Tim Paul EIS Guidelines

Bodies with reciprocal links and/or Co-operation Agreements:

  • American Institute of Professional Geologists
  • Canadian Council for Professional Geoscientists
  • The Geological Society of London

Sponsoring Bodies:

  • Geophysical Association of Ireland
  • Geotechnical Section of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland
  • Irish Association for Economic Geology
  • International Association of Hydrogeologists (Irish Group)
  • Irish Mining and Quarrying Society


  • Casey McGrath & Associates


  • Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin

Registered Office:

  • 14 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2.