The deadline for submission of CPD returns is the 31st March 2024.

Please note that an administration fee of €40 may be applied to members who file their returns after this deadline. The IGI Board will vote to de-list any members who have not brought their files up-to-date by the time of the AGM.

The IGI requires members to participate in its Continuing Professional Development programme. The programme assists members with tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience gained as their careers progress, with planning future career progression and with maintaining high standards of professional competence over their careers.

IGI members are required to complete compulsory annual returns on their CPD activities. The IGI requires members to undertake a minimum number of hours CPD each year as well as to complete a Personal Plan. A range of activities fulfill requirements towards CPD hours, including formal training courses, informal activity and participation in the geoscience community, presentations, contributions to knowledge and other relevant memberships. The Personal Plan is for members to develop their own personal career goals and to identify activities in order to achieve them.

The IGI assists members with CPD by providing training courses each year, and has set up a mentoring scheme during 2016.

A number of CPD returns are selected for audit annually by the IGI. Up-to-date CPD returns are a condition for membership in-good-standing. If you having difficulty fulfilling the requirements of your CPD return, please get in touch with the IGI at