Factsheets on the importance of geology and the role of geoscientists in the energy transition were published by the Energy Geoscientists Working Group in June 2024:

IGI – Energy Security

IGI – Offshore Renewable

IGI – Hydrogen

IGI – Carbon Capture

These provide information on energy security, offshore renewables, the hydrogen economy and carbon capture and storage and complement geology factsheets published elsewhere, including:

IGI Minerals Information Working Group

Geological Survey Ireland


The Energy Geoscientists Working Group (EGWG) was formed in July 2020. The purpose of the group is to raise awareness of geoscientists’ roles in the energy sector; and to support geoscientists and petroleum geologists so that that their skills and experience can be applied to achieving a Just Energy Transition for Ireland.

The EGWG assists the IGI develop initiatives that will support energy geoscientists to harness opportunities and cope with career challenges associated with the energy transition, including tailored training, networking opportunities, highlighting the importance of the geoscientist with regard to the mix of energy types (fossil, transition and renewable), the transfer of skillsets to other sectors, promotion of energy geoscience, collaboration and information sharing.

The group also acts as an expert group to advise the IGI board on any queries or matters which arise that are relevant to the energy sector (e.g., public consultations and requests for information).

The group is made up of both IGI members and non-members who work in the fields of consultancy, renewables (hydro-, solar, wind and geothermal), environmental protection, exploration, research, policy and academia. Members are based in Ireland and the UK. The broad range of expert skills and global perspectives provides a rich wealth of knowledge in energy geoscience. The group meets quarterly with an agreed Terms of Reference with the IGI Board and includes a board member. The group encourages new membership, so if you are interested in joining, please contact the IGI for further information.

Members of the Working Group:
Dr Méabh Banríon
EurGeol Morgan Burke PGeo
Dr Kieran Craven PGeo
EurGeol Eamonn Grennan PGeo
EurGeol Murray Hitzman PGeo
Dr. David McNamara
EurGeol Pól Ó Seasnáin PGeo
Dr Conor O’Sullivan
EurGeol Riccardo Pasquali PGeo
Robert Pearson
Dr. Robert Raine PGeo
Ciaran Tierney
Phoebe Walsh
EurGeol Eoin Wyse PGeo

List of online courses which IGI members working in the energy, petroleum and renewables sectors may find useful and which may help with their CPD hours.
CPD Training Course Online Options-IGIEnergy