Mentoring Scientists and Engineers : The Essential Skills, Principles and Processes

By  John Arthurs PGeo

CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group / Routledge
ISBN13: 9780367724009 (pbk)
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Book Review:
My old friend and colleague John Arthurs PGeo has followed up on his well-received mentoring
courses, delivered to the IGI, GeolSoc, et al., with an excellent publication on mentoring. Designed to
fit the geologist’s expertise and pocket, the book provides an introduction to the basic skills of
capable questioning, active listening, building trust, personal-organisation and delivering advice.
This book is not only a useful complement for those who have attended John’s course, but it is also a
valuable aid to those who suddenly find themselves becoming mentors, as junior staff are taken on
and left in their charge. Throughout this easily-read book there are exercises to help the mentor
develop their skills, whilst colleagues from other professions provide useful and inciteful case

The book expertly covers the STEM fields of science, technology, mathematics and engineering, and
it is well focussed on guiding geologists. It is highly recommended to all in charge, both as a personal
volume and also for the corporate library.

EurGeol Gareth Ll. Jones PGeo
Past President Institute of Geologists of Ireland