Professional Indemnity InsuranceThompson Insurance logoThe IGI and Thompson Insurance are pleased to provide a Professional Indemnity Insurance application service for IGI members in good standing. Please download the dedicated IGI insurance form to be completed and returned to for a quotation.  Please note this dedicated service is available to IGI members only.

EFG – the voice of European Geologists

The EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF GEOLOGISTS, EFG, is a non-governmental organisation that was established in 1981 and today includes 21 national association members. It is the representative body for the geological profession in EuropeDocuments for download-pdf format:EuroAges Brochure5169 CCPG EFG banner

EFG Brochure 2012

2004 Pictorial History

Direct Professional Access to barristers

At present in order to access advice from a Member of the Law Library it is necessary to be referred by a solicitor.  However, the Law Library operates a scheme where Members of certain professional bodies may have Direct Professional Access to barristers.

The IGI is one of these professional bodies with Direct Professional Access to the services offered by Members of the Law Library. There are a number of conditions, as follows:   1. This scheme is for ADVICE only – no litigation work.   2. All agreed fees for the advice provided must be paid to the relevant Member of the Law Library.  3. The professional body (IGI) has a code of ethics and conduct.

For further information on the scheme please see the following website: